If you’re going to procrastinate, might as well get smarter

  • Codeacademy – ever wanted to make your own video game? Or design a webpage? Learn to write computer code!
  • FreeRice – the more you play, the more rice they donate! As you answer more questions on stuff like art, algebra, and history, you get smarter and starving children get more rice. Everyone wins!
  • Google Maps – sure, you know Google maps. But have you ever used Google street view to explore Paris? Or the Great Pyramids?
  • NPR Podcasts – give your eyes a break! Listen a podcast instead!
  • SciShow – fun and short videos answering questions like “why do tornadoes hate America?” and “why do joints pop and crack?”
  • TedTalks – world-class talks to stir your curiosity. Watch videos on how to land on a comet and 5 ways to kill your dreams
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