For studying

  • Audible – too tired to read? Listen instead! Search for books like The Great Gatsby and Jane Eyre. (needs membership after a 30 day free trial)
  • Coursera – take a variety of courses from Harvard, Berkeley, and other top world universities, online, for free.
  • CrashCourse – watch short and fun videos to help you in Biology, US History, Literature, and more!
  • How Stuff Works – a reputable/trusted source of information
  • Encyclopedia Britannica – another reputable/trusted source of information
  • KhanAcademy – more videos! They are especially good at explaining math and science problems/concepts.
  • Quizlet – flashcards to help you remember SAT vocab, history dates, ochem nomenclature etc. Use someone else’s or make your own!

Believing in our future

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