Get Involved

Ways to Get Involved:

1. Become a Volunteer Mentor or Tutor:

Mentoring a student one-on-one is a great way to build a relationship with a young, Tibetan high school junior or senior! If you want to get the most contact with the youth in the community, then this is the route for you!

Tutoring is great for those who cannot make too big of a time commitment to the program but really want to give to the community! Feel free to come to any Lamton tutoring session on any Friday! We’ll be at the community center from 6-8pm!

To mentor or tutor with Lâmtön, please fill out this form and return it to one of the board members.

2. Become a Leadership Team Board Member:

If you have many ideas for LÂMTÖN as an organization and you want to improve the organization, please consider becoming a board member! It is a great way to not only gain leadership skills and meaningful experiences but also to give back to the organization!

We hold elections in the spring and will have the applications out soon!

3. Donate your services:

If you have a great idea for a talk/event that you’d like to do, please let us know what your idea is! We’re always looking for ways we can help educate our students!

Please Email us at if you are interested in donating your services or getting involved with Laâmtön!

Thank you!


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