College checklist


  • Fall semester
    1. Registering/taking the PSAT/NMSQT
    2. Exploring your college choices
    3. Figuring out your payment options
    4. Having a list of top 10 schools you want to apply for/go to by Christmas break
    5. Keeping up your grades and building good relationships with teachers
  • Spring semester
    1. Starting to apply to scholarships (Just apply! If you don’t try, you have 0% chance of getting money!)
    2. Taking the ACT/SAT
    3. Starting to think of who you can ask for recommendation letters
    4. Scheduling AP classes for the next year
    5. Making summer plans (i.e. internship or a job)
  • Summer
    1. Applying to more scholarships!
    2. Going on college visits
    3. Narrowing down your list to top 5 colleges
    4. Making sure you know the college application requirements and datelines
    5. Starting to work on application essays


  • Fall semester
    1. Finalizing your list of colleges, whether that’s 3 or 10
    2. Asking for recommendation letters
    3. Meeting with your counselor to make sure you have everything you need to apply
    4. Putting your best effort into your college applications (early admission and early action are a plus!)
    5. Applying to even more scholarships!
  • Spring semester
    1. Doing college interviews, if needed
    2. Completing your FAFSA
    3. Applying to even MORE scholarships
    4. Finalizing your financial plans, whether that’s through your parents, grants, or loans
    5. Making your final decision, once all the colleges you’ve applied to have gotten back to you
    6. Keep up your grades! Senioritis is NOT a good thing because colleges can kick you out even after they’ve accepted you!
  • Summer
    1. Working at a summer job/internship
    2. Attending orientation
    3. Applying for housing and classes
    4. Buying your textbooks
    5. Packing for college 😀
    6. Getting SUPER PUMPED!


Believing in our future

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