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Lamton Blog Interview

Name of Interviewee: Tenzin Chosang
School: St Olaf College
Intended Major: Economics
Interests: Math, Rugby, Managerial Studies

Q: What’s your favorite part of Lamton? Why?
A: Interacting with the students and hopefully making a difference.

Q: Why did you join Lamton?
A: Parents, grew to live it. In hindsight it kept me out of trouble Friday nights and had a positive impact in my life; hope it does same for students here.

Q: What’s your advice for students in high school?
A: Underclassmen have fun – study hard at the same time

Upperclassmen, Be more devoted to school and understand how much harder college gets and it’s a little different in College, get into the study habits and they will compensate into college – High school is easy and benefit from it. Realization to the real world.

Q: What’s your favorite thing about college? Why?
A: Making your own challenges, you are more independent and developing relationships is key.

Q: If you could relive high school again what would you change? And Why?
A: Be a little more studious, studying more on the ACT, could be easily done benefits in college and the future.


Name of Interviewee: Norzin Wangpo
School: University of Minnesota
Intended Major: Economics and Chinese
Interests: Fitness and Health

Q: What’s your favorite part of Lamton? Why?
A:  The interactions with younger Tibetans.

Q: Why did you join Lamton?
A:  Lamton is a forum for Minnesota Tibetan High Schoolers who has the initiative and drive to succeed and a forum for Tibetan college students and graduates to make a difference. I want to make a difference.

Q: What’s your advice for students in high school?
A: Think positive, do positive and be positive.

Q: What’s your favorite thing about college? Why?
A: My favorite part is the independence I have in choosing classes, my major, and what I can do during my free time. Freedom is always a good thing.

Q: If you could relive high school again what would you change? And Why?
A: I wish I had a sense of purpose or motivation in learning and achieving academically. I was definitely lacking in that area during my high school year.

Kalden Choesang
11th Grade
St. Anthony High School

A Poem…

By the thickness of the forest, sat a young
prince with sapphire eyes. He traced his
porcelain fingers upon a dark pool of water
that led out to the serene sea.

And one day he sat. tracing the water once again
until he felt something nibble his finger. He jumped
back, startled, as a beautiful girl emerged from the
water. She held a gentle smile on her face and
the prince’s eyes blazed with an ocean of love.

She asked in a silvery voice if he was the prince, he
replied in a modest manner. In his surprise, she was
the princess of the sea. She told him how she
watched him, every day, trace his delicate fingers
upon the entrance of her kingdom.

She confessed how much she loved him and he felt
the same way. And so, day by day, they met each
other, musing about the different realms they lived in.
One day, she bursted she could not withhold
her love for him and told him to immediately go
to her father to ask for her hand in marriage.
Before, he could resist the offer, trying to explain
he was not like her, she dragged him down.


Into the sea, where he drowned in the arms
of his lover, who kept on swimming. Her golden
hair slowly strangled his fragile neck and she sang.
Her grip tightened around the wrist of her dead prince.

And, once she arrived to her palace, she looked
back at him. Who merely floated with a bloated
face, his crown lost on the way down. She was
oblivious to his death and to awake his lost soul.
She opened his eyes. No longer were his eyes
sparkling like gems. They were soaked with grey.

-Tenzin Dolkar
10th Grade
Richfield High School