D is for Divine for the god like effect he has on people who meet him.

A is for Amiable for his good natured heart and friendly appearance.

L is for Loving for all the love he has for Tibetans.

A is for Amicable for his ambition to promote WORLD PEACE.

I is for Infinite because our love for him and his love for us are never ending.


L is for Levelheaded because of the good choices he has made for the well being of Tibet.

A is for Aware because even though Tibet is in a crisis, he still is aware of the problems in other countries in need.

M is for Magnanimous because of his forgiving heart even when people have done the worst things imaginable.

A is for Arrogant because that is everything that the Dalai Lama is not, despite everything he has accomplished.

-Tenzing Tsekey Sakya
9th grade
Irondale High School