Serving with Lamton

When Lamton said that they were taking us to a homeless shelter, I was intrigued and even a little excited to go; since it was my first time going to a homeless shelter. I have to say that it was a great experience and that it wasn’t at all what I expected. In the days leading up to the field trip, I thought about what it would be like. I expected lots of kids running around, and all the people living together in one room. You could say I thought that the place would be “poor.” This tells you I watch way too many movies. When Lamton got there, (the homeless shelter was called: People serving People) we checked in, and went through security, which I hadn’t expected but wasn’t surprised to see. From there we split into two groups and did our assigned jobs. I worked on beautifying.

I was assigned to sweep all the floors from 4-10, clean windows, and mopping. Even though it was housekeeping work, I had fun talking and working alongside my peers. My partner, Tenzin Wangdu (SAHS 9th Grade), and I kept each other entertained, so it went by fast. We even got to interact a little with the residents there. Even though it was a lot of work, if I had a chance, I would definitely do it again.

In the end, we got the work done and it felt pretty good knowing that we had helped beautify the place. It felt even better because the head of housekeeping at the shelter was pretty happy that we had done so much work. When we got our Hi-C juice boxes, the tears and sweat were all worth it (just kidding, it wasn’t that hard). I think I’ve said it about three times already, and I will say it again; I had a lot of fun! I am so thankful that I got his opportunity and hope that  I will get the chance to do things like this again.


Tenzing Sakya

9th Grader
Irondale High School