Happy Wednesday, everyone!

I know it’s a little cold today, but it’s much better than the weather we had yesterday!  In any case, I just wanted to remind you all that we have a Lamton tutoring session this Friday from 6-8pm at the TAFM community center. Please join us for a wonderful night filled with homework, conversation and fun!

Last Week’s Updates:
Last Saturday, we had 26 students and 7 tutors attend. We worked for an hour and then played charades for the second hour. It was amazing fun.
Last Sunday, we had 9 students and 4 tutors who went to People Serving People, the largest and family-focused shelter in Minnesota. It was a great experience, and I’m sure we’ll continue with our volunteer work in the next years to come.
Upcoming Events:
Dec. 20- Lâmtön’s dinner fundraiser @ TAFM time: TBD
Join us for dinner and lots of fun! We’ll have games, karaoke, a momo eating contest and wonderful performances! All mentors and tutors will have free dinner! There will be a minimal entrance fee for everyone else. Please bring everyone you can to the dinner so that we’re able to keep funding Lamton and the work that we’re doing for our community!