Tibetan Medicine

After attending the Tibetan Medicine event on October 25th hosted by LAMTON, I can say it was indeed very educating. Dr. Tashi Lhamo and Dr. Dechen Jamling spent the night teaching myself and 30 others the basics of Tibetan medicine. When you hear the word medicine it simulates your brain into thinking about needles, pills, anything frightening… Well it does in my case. But after listening and processing everything said at the event, you figure out it’s the complete opposite. Tibetan Medicine is all about balancing 5 elements throughout your body, and having peace within yourself, then you’ll find yourself having the healthiest body. I can assume you’re thinking “what? What does having peace with yourself have anything to do with medicine?!” On the contrary, apparently it’s everything. Although the medicine itself is a huge part on making yourself feel better, how YOU treat yourself is also a big factor. Dr. Tashi Lhamo said the first step to a healthy lifestyle is to choose a goal, after you do so, surround yourself with things that will help you achieve it. Make sure to drift yourself away from anything or anybody that will hold you back from who you want to be. The importance of a good attitude is enormous. Not only do we have to have a good mindset, our practitioner must have one also. The attitude of the doctor is just as important as the attitude of the consumer, which is why it is important to have a good relationship with them. Going back to balancing the elements, we believe that once we die and our unconscious minds leave our body, the body will easily become the 5 elements once again.

Sweet Sour Salty
Earth + Water Air + Earth Water + Fire
Butter Hot Astringent
Water + Air Fire + Air Earth + Air

Major Principals of Tibetan Medicine:
Cause of all suffering is ignorance.
Mind and body are interconnected.
Asthma? Stay away from humid + cold places.
If wanting to stay away from stress, distance yourself with the news and horror movies!
Don’t stay on an empty stomach longer than 4 to 5 hours.
Expired Medicine?
If you already have your hands on Tibetan Medicine and you’re worried if it’s expired, fear not. Since the medicine IS 95% made from the Earth’s roots, it will not spoil after a year or two like other medicine. But over time, the percentage of usefulness will drop.
Forms of Medicine
Pills: 4-6 hours until activation *most popular*
Powder form: put in food, activated once digested.
Decoction: fastest. 15-20 minute, absorbs.
Eye drops: more specific

“Practice of medicine offers an opportunity to practice compassion, love and tolerance.”

Tenzin Jangchup Dorjee
10th Grade
Columbia Heights High School