A Letter to Myself

A Letter to Myself

You are in the hospital looking half-dead and confined in bed. With an unwinking gaze at the smoggy, congested traffic outside, you look down on your last liquid diet meal. Your body cringes as you stare at the beef broth slowly turning cold, eating you little by little. Grasping your last air, you slowly murmur your last words to your loved ones who cared to show up for this sorry moment. You ponder on the lifetime you have spent on this foreign world and all the life experiences that you have missed out on. You realize that your dreams have become distant apparitions as time flew by. As nostalgia creeps in, you repent your ways because you realize that all those times you were killing Time, Time was killing you. Cold sweat perspires as you fathom the jaws of death. Petrified, you yearn to revel once more. Crying one’s eyes out, “I want more time.”

Death is inevitable; you cannot escape the reality. In anyones story, time is the most powerful antagonist of all. When time comes for you to pass away, embrace death as it’s your ending to a great novel because death is the only thing you can be certain of. You are the author of the blank page before you. The high spirited child inside of you has diminished over time. Your aspirations have withered away like the leafs on autumn. Every morning it’s the same: you wake up, do your morning rituals, settle your duties, rest, and repeat it all over again the next day. You are shackled by your daily routines in life, confining yourself with repetitive activities and unimaginative pleasures. With it comes the uneasy feeling of, no matter who we are, that there is something more. Wanting to believe in hope, we take a leap of faith and let everything ride on chance. Life can be so much more.

Explore the frontiers and the wonders of this world. You will be awed by the breathtaking natural and the man-made wonders. The diversity in lives and cultures in our world is compelling. Stimulate your senses by experimenting rich cultures and meeting new people who have a different point of view. It will help you grow as a person and understand the world we live in- on such a deep level. Most importantly, tantalize your taste buds with the strange new and interesting food which you’ve never imagined that could be digested.

Immerse yourself in the world of enlightenment. Illuminate your mind by educating yourself.
Be a sponge, and absorb the wisdom and knowledge that is the book. Read fiction classics that will enchant you into the world of the authors imagination. With books you can travel without moving an inch. Read biographies of great individuals who have walked on the same soil as you. Grasp their deeds and attributes that has made them so beloved, and implement them. Understand the world around you by being well-informed with current issues and foreign policies. Live everyday as it’s your last.

Challenge yourself to learn something new everyday, weather it’s a new word, magic trick, or to be a jack ofall trades. This will boost your sense of accomplishment and independence. There’s always something new to learn and time to implement it in real life. Ask yourself, “How bad do I want it?” Don’t be afraid to fail because everyone fails. “When you lose, don’t lose the lesson.”~H.H. the Dalai Lama

In life, sometimes, simplicity is the key. Enjoy the simple pleasures in life and appreciate the little things. Don’t become attached to material comforts, or you will neverbe content in life. Life is not about having what you want, but wanting what you have.
When we live our lives, questions often come up: “Why are we born? What are we born for?” Though these question may go unanswered, you can still live a wholesome life by finding a cause that is vastly more important than yourself. Commit to a cause that will give you a purpose in live. Save a tree, adopt an abandoned dog, build a shelter, mentor a kid, save a life or fight for a needy cause. Each and every act of compassion will make your life more fulfilling.
Life is beautiful; marvel on the sheer possibilities in the feat of living. Before your kick the bucket,carry out your bucket list. Do what you always wanted do; become what you were meant to be. If not now then when?

Norzin Wangpo
Board Member (Community Liaison) of Lâmtön
President – Tibetan American Student Association (TASA)
University of Minnesota – Twin Cities ’17